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The 99th Bomb Group Historical Society

You will find it well worth your time to investigate the 99th BGHS:

The people and publications of the 99th BGHS were excellent resources for the research that turned into the page about my dad.

The organization publishes a quarterly newsletter with interesting information for its members. It contains stories about members' WWII experiences, historical information about the 99th Bomb Group, information about reunions and "mini" reunions, letters submitted by members, a chaplain's corner, and other items of interest. There are also photographs from WWII as well as from the most recent reunions. Veterans of the 99th Bombardment Group (Heavy) and their wives can be Members. Everyone else can be Associate Members. Membership is $30 per year.

If you would like to know more about the 99th BGHS, send an e-mail to:

Gary T Staffo, 99th BGHS 2nd Vice President, at

The 99th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

For information about the 99th Bomb Group (not the historical society) and its history, you can visit this site:

Surviving B-17s

A surprising number of B-17s are still flying. You can even get a ride aboard some of them! The following sites offer references to surviving B-17s, including some that still fly.

Contribute to the Restoration of a B-17

There is a tired, weatherworn B-17 at the Chino Airport Planes of Fame exhibit in Chino, California that needs your help. This aircraft, Picadilly Lily, was the last operational US Air Force B-17. The people at Planes of Fame are collecting donations to enable them to rebuild Picadilly Lily so that she can fly once again. A lot of work and money is needed to return this static display aircraft to flying condition.

Attractive incentives are offered to donors. To read about Picadilly Lily, see some great pictures, and see what can be done to restore her, please visit this site:

Picadilly Lily II

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