Welcome to the Bangkok's Floating Marketplace page! • See the interesting people and places along this famous landmark as they were in 1969

Bangkok's famous floating marketplace is unique. People come here as to any other marketplace to buy and sell foods, fabrics, and other goods. But here, of course, everything is done on boats. The marketplace is a branch off of the Chao Phraya River. These few images from 1969 do not do justice to this very interesting place.

Woman Standing in Her Boat
Busy Boats in the Marketplace

A lot of activity can be seen at this spot in the marketplace.

A Typical Storefront

Typical Storefront

Lush Vegetation Nearby

Lush Vegetation

A closer view of the boats and a store along the shore. Try to notice the engine at the back of this man's boat.

Man Sitting by Boat

A Typical Boat Engine

The use of these large engines was common on the boats of the marketplace. They appear to be refitted automobile engines having way more power than is needed on such small boats. It's not clear here, but the propeller shafts on these contraptions are maybe 10 or 15 feet long.

Typical Boat Engine
Man Rinsing Toothbrush in Dirty River Water

The people who live along the river are as watchable as the commerce on the river. Here you can see two things of interest. First, notice the toddler. He is wearing only a T-shirt. The babies in Thailand typically wore no diapers, no pants, and no shoes. If they wore anything at all, it was a T-shirt. Second, notice the old man bending toward the water. He is rinsing his toothbrush! This picture was taken fairly early in the morning and the old man has just finished brushing his teeth using, presumably, the same toothbrush that he rinsed out in this filthy water yesterday.

Toddlers at Storefront
Some Stores on the River
Boats Parked near Storefronts
A Silk Loom

A Silk Loom

Thai silk is being made on a hand loom.

Houses Along the Shore

Houses on the Shore

The Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River