This is the third and last On Base page

A Parade!

There was a parade on base one day. I don't know the reason for it. The parade was composed of large elephants, a Thai Army (Police?) band, and many ox carts. These are some of the images. Some were shot during the parade. Others were taken after the parade when the elephants were given water and the airmen were free to take pictures.

The pictures are presented in no particular order.

Front of Large Elephant
Marching Band near Water Tower
Marching Band
Ox Carts near Water Tower
Front of Marching Band
Ox Cart with Cartoon Sign
Ox Cart with Officer and Cartoon Sign
Elephants with Crowd
Another Ox Cart with Cartoon Sign
Fire Engine and Elephants
Elephants with Trainers
Elephants and Cameramen
Elephant Raising Trunk
Elephants Drinking Water
Another View of Elephants Drinking Water
More Elephants Drinking Water
Four Elephants
Elephant with Tusks