Welcome to the Tensegrity Table page! • This unique and fascinating Table will attract the attention of everyone • Its compact size and pleasant appearance will complement many decors • Download the free plans, pictures, and instructions to help you build your own Tensegrity Table

Looking Up at the Top of the Table

"What the heck?!" That's the sort of response you might hear anytime someone gazes upon this table for the first time. It seems to defy common sense at first glance. But the curious will take a closer look and the conversation will begin: "How did you think of this?"; "When did you build it?"; "What's it made of?"; "How long did it take you to build it?"

The small table is about 25 inches tall and 14 inches square.

This unique and attractive table will always draw attention. It will continue to attract attention from most people even after they learn how it works. And you can always take satisfaction in your work whenever you look at it. It deserves a place in a conspicuous location in your home. Here are some other views:

View of the Table from Above Left
View of the Table from Above Right

Download the Free Plans, Pictures, and Instructions

Download a complete set of drawings and instructions so that you can build your own version of the Tensegrity Table.

The ZIP file contains all of the pictures, INSTRUCTIONS.PDF file, SketchUp design file "TT_14_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.skp", and PDF design file "TT_14_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.pdf". BE SURE TO READ THE "INSTRUCTIONS.PDF" FILE that's included in the ZIP file.

Click Here for the Downloadable ZIP file (2.83MB): Tensegrity_Table.zip