Welcome to the Scrap Wood Storage Rack page! This wood rack is great for storing wood scraps off of the floor • It's a convenient way to organize your left-over wood • It's small enough to fit in a small space—like a one-car garage—but big enough to contain a lot of wood • Download the free plans, pictures, and instructions to build your own wood rack

The Completed Storage Rack
The Storage Rack with Features Labeled

Some of the features of the Scrap Wood Storage Rack:

  • Width: 34”
  • Height: 48”
  • Depth: 14 3/4”
  • Joinery: Dowel joints and pocket screws, primarily
  • Materials: 1x6 (3/4" x 5 1/2") popular
  • Glue: Titebond II or equivalent
  • Screws: Various
  • Finish: None
  • Holes are provided along the sides so that bungee cords can be stretched across the stored wood to prevent it from falling forward
  • A removable front panel is simply secured by wing nuts so that it’s easy to remove to get access to the stored wood as needed
  • A narrow strap is mounted to the bottom edge of the front with its top edge above the floor of the rack to prevent any stored wood from sliding off of the rack when the front panel is removed

You can build your own Scrap Wood Storage Rack with the plans and instructions that you can download here!

The ZIP file contains all of the pictures, INSTRUCTIONS.PDF, SketchUp design file "Wood_Rack_09_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.skp", and PDF design file "Wood_Rack_09_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.pdf":

Click Here for the Downloadable ZIP file (945KB): Wood_Rack.zip