Welcome to A Visit to the Ruins of Phimai page! • Old pictures of what is now Phimai Historical Park near Korat • The rubble-filled landscape shown here from 1969 was much different than it Is today

Phimai is reminiscent of Ankor Wat, the now-famous 12th century Khmer temple discovered in Cambodia. It was apparently built around the same period. I recall a local telling me that there had been a battle here, the temple was destroyed, and Phimai was abandoned.

The images you will see here are much different than the way Phimai Historical Park looks today. You might be interested in the YouTube video narrative in English that can be viewed by clicking here. The pictures on this page show a lot of rubble. More recent images available online show a very clean and well-landscaped area that even has signs warning visitors to Keep off the Grass. Try to imagine such a sign in the images below.

Today's Phimai Historical Park is located in the center of the city of Phimai, roughly 30 miles northeast of downtown Korat. Three of us hired a taxi to drive us there when I visited Phimai in 1969. It is notable to point out that we spent a couple of hours there and were the only visitors during that entire time. The site appears to be much more popular today.

The images are presented here in no particular order.

Large Stone Tower
Me Leaning Against Building
A Sign That Says Do Not Sign Anything On Stone
Pathway to a Building
View Through Multiple Leaning Stone Doorways
Bas-relief Sculpture on Stone Block
A Facade
Rubble Filled Corridor
Concentric Doorways
Rubble and Facade View of Several Buildings
Long Impressive Facade