Welcome to the 2x4 Clothes Rack page! • Conveniently hang a large number of clothes • A great way to store clothes in a garage or storage room • Build it with inexpensive 2x4s and one 2x6 • It rides on casters for easy movement • Download the Free Plans and Pictures with Complete Instructions

A Large Clothes Rack Made with Two-by-Fours

Why Build This Project?

The 2x4 Clothes Rack is useful and practical. It’s designed to conveniently hang a large number of clothes in an informal location like a garage or storage room. It’s constructed using inexpensive 2x4s, one 2x6, plus two standard closet rods and four swivel casters.

Your total investment will be about $100.

Important Design Features of the 2x4 Clothes Rack

  • Good project for an intermediate woodworker
  • Rides on casters
  • Each standard closet rod is 72” long
  • The higher rod is about 65” off of the floor
  • The lower rod is 8” lower
  • The two closet rods have a horizontal separation of 24.5”
  • Much of the construction is done using heavy duty pocket screws
  • The assembly weighs about 50 pounds
  • No finish is needed since it's a utilitarian project—but that's up to you

More Pictures of the 2x4 Clothes Rack

Side View of the Rack with One Hanger on Each Closet Pole
End View of the Rack with One Hanger on Each Closet Pole
The Half-lap Joint that Joins the Two Cross Braces
The Arrangement of Screws Joining One Base to the Cross Brace Assembly
The Top of a Rod Support Stile Showing the Counterbore with a Retaining Screw
Close-up of an End Stop on the End of a Closet Rod

Download the Free Plans, Pictures, and Instructions

The ZIP file contains Instruction file "INSTRUCTIONS_2x4_Clothes_Rack_Rev_1.pdf", pictures, SketchUp design file "Clothes_Rack_11_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.skp", and PDF design file "Clothes_Rack_11_SKETCHUP_VERSION_8.pdf". The PDF file contains all of the drawings and dimensional information that are in the SKP file for those who don't use SketchUp:

Click Here for the Downloadable ZIP file (2.13MB): 2x4_Clothes_Rack_Rev_1.zip