Welcome to the WWII Italy page! • See a map that depicts the situation in WWII Italy following the raid on Gerbini

This figure depicts as much as I know about particular locations in Italy as they might have figured in the whereabouts of my father and others.

Colors are used to associate particular points of interest with their descriptions. My apologies go out to those who are colorblind; however, the figure is already so busy that it did not seem prudent to add more lines or words.

Map of WWII Italy Points of Interest

A CORRECTION: I have been informed that PG 66 was actually located at Capua, not Aversa. This information was provided to me by Simon Pocock of the British Council, Italy. Capua is located about 15 km north of Aversa. Mr. Pocock advised, "not far away but quite a different place." He added that Aversa was the site of PG 63. This information has been confirmed by additional research.